SHINSHU Cyclo Cross NOBEYAMA Round 1・2 / 信州シクロクロス野辺山ラウンド 1・2 【DOPING CONTROL COMMUNIQUÉ / ドーピング検査コミュニケ】

Doping Control at this event will be performed according to UCI ANTI-DOPING RULES and Japan Anti-doping Code.

本大会は、UCI アンチ・ドーピング検査規則ならびに日本アンチ・ドーピング規程により検査を実施する。

Doping Control will be conducted at the doping control station near the finish line.


Every rider has the obligation to personally make sure if he is required to attend the doping control.


Riders selected for doping control will be identified on a list by their race number of their place in the ranking.


A list of riders who will be subject to doping control will be posted in three places.

1)doping control station
2)near the competition headquarters 3)near the finish line

検査室前 競技本部近く


The riders selected for the controls will be notified by a chaperone the notified rider shall remain within sight of DCO end the chaperone at all times from the moment of in-person notification until the completion of the sample collection procedure.

検査に選ばれた競技者は、シャペロンにより通知される.通知された競技者は、通知時より検体摂取が完了するまで検査員なら びにシャペロンの視界内にいなければならない。

Team officials should not prevent the chaperon to continuously observe the rider. Should no chaperone be present. the rider shall proceed immediately to the doping control station.

チーム役員は、シャペロンの常時監視を妨げてはならない.万一シャペロンがいない場合、競技者は直ちにドーピング検査室に 行かなければならない。

The absence of a chaperone shall not excuse the rider for not reporting in time to the doping control station.


Each rider to be tested must present himself at the doping control station as soon as possible and at the latest within 30 (thirty) minutes of finishing the race. lf a rider takes part in an official ceremony or attends a press conference the deadline shall be 30 (thirty) minutes of the end of the ceremony or of the moment that his presence is no longer required at the press conference whichever is the latest. Riders that have abandoned the race shall proceed immediately to the doping control station.

検査対象となった全競技者は、遅くとも競技終了 30 分以内に速やかにドーピング検査室に自身で出頭しなければならない.公式 式典、記者会見に出る場合は、式典終了あるいは記者会見終了から 30 分以内とする.棄権した競技者は、速やかにドーピング検 査室に行かなければならない。

10. Riders must report to the doping control station with their license but if it has no photograph another official document (e.g.passport) with a photo must be presented. The rider may be accompanied by a person of his choice and an interpreter.

ドーピング検査室に出頭する競技者は、ライセンスを携帯しなければならない.ライセンスに写真が無い場合は、写真付きの公 式書類(パスポートなど)を提示しなければならない.競技者は自身の選択による同行者および通訳を伴うことができる。

I request the cooperation of all riders and managers participating in this event.


Representative of Anti-Doping Committee JAPAN CYCLING FEDERATION / 日本自転車競技連盟 アンチ・ドーピング委員代表